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Rules and Regulations
« on: October 22, 2018, 12:25:44 pm »
Rules and Regulations are set in place to keep peace and structure in the server and in the clan. Please do your best to follow the rules below, any questions please see an R4 ingame.

Online activities:
24 Hours inactive: Demotion
48 Hours inactive: Kick (Unless inactive member informs an R4 of his/her absence in advance. R4's will reach out and if there is no response, the member will be kicked.)

Alliances and Naps:
Alliances and NAPs ( Non Aggression Pacts ) are set in place for protection and for growth in power/ranks. It is imperative that we do not break these bonds as they are extremely important for the development of the clan and server as a whole. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE can an Alliance or NAP be attacked without consent from our warlord. Attacking allied clans or naps can and will have consequences.

Donations are a must, a minimum of 25,000 a week is required from every member, one full donation per day is enough to easily reach that goal so there should be no excuses. Donations help the clan grow and provides us with a stocked clan store. Please do your best in donating to help our family grow.

Attacks on other clans:
It is important that we DO NOT attack other clans without permission from the Warlord or other R4s. It is easy to loose ourselves in power and prey on weaker clans, but weaker clans can have strong allies. Players with NO CLANS are fair game to attack at will.

During Kill Events Naps and Allies are not allowed to be attacked, if you are attacked please contact Warlord to coordinate a retaliation. This maintains us peaceful, there are plenty of No Clans and non allied clans out there to make your points.

Clan Hive:
Each member is required to make his way to the hive via clan teleport invite, advanced teleport or 2000 Gold if the later options are not available to you. We MUST all reside in the hive for bonus benefits and protection.

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