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Title: Allies, NAP List & Additional Information
Post by: i4Ni on October 22, 2018, 12:42:35 pm
Clan Leaders:
Queeen Pinnnnnn & Biggids

ESL    GUN    BOS    bea    FRD    cor   

Th1    LGD

DQN    DQ2

UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES are these alliances and naps to be attacked spied or taunted in anyway. We will NOT pride ourselves in being rule breakers or instigators. Members caught breaking this sacred rule will suffer consequences.  If in any case an alliance or Nap attacks you first you are NOT to retaliate before getting an OK from our Warlord. ANY attacks made to clans MUST be approved by him.  Ranks are given here for a reason, use them as they are intended. This clan is NOT about YOU it is about US. Dont put US in a position that YOU started without permission. This game is about politics aswell...